Cutting the cord—if you haven’t done it already, chances are you will soon. But what will you do once that cord has been cut? Turn to streaming TV.

Why are so many people cutting the cord?

Cable and satellite subscriptions are expensive, and many of them come with more channels than the typical household needs, wants or actively watches. Contracts, bundled services and equipment can also be a big hassle with cable and satellite TV providers.

Thanks to advances in technology, there are now other options. In the past, cable and satellite were the only games in town. Now, many networks, sports leagues, and production companies offer their content on streaming services.

What is streaming anyway?

Streaming isn’t just the next big thing. It’s here for the long haul. Smart TVs, smartphones and any device with a screen and internet connection can be used to connect to a streaming service provider, where you can watch content live and on demand.

Streaming is always on. Other than a compatible device for viewing, no special equipment is required.

What kind of internet service do you need?

We recommend service with download speeds of 30 megabits per streaming device. You won’t always need that speed, but sometimes, you will. If you are unsure whether your service meets these requirements, talk to your internet provider.

Choosing a Streaming Service

If you’re ready to cut the cord, it’s time to choose a streaming service. While there are many great options available, we recommend YouTube TV. Why? It’s a reliable service that is high quality and available on most devices. Other highlights include:

·        Comeptitive pricing

·        Over 100 channels, including access to your local stations—get access to your favorite shows and stay connected to your community

·        Unlimited DVR space—record your favorites and watch them wherever you go

·        Great add ons—chose what’s meaningful to you, from NFL Sunday Ticket to Spanish language networks

With YouTube TV, you can watch on an unlimited number of devices in one home or on up to three devices outside of your home. Watch on the couch and on the go!

Ready to stream?

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